Progressive luxury at the intersection of innovation and design

LABhaus was conceived as a design laboratory, dedicated to innovating unique technological and design solutions to enrich our clients.

Design Fundamentals

LABhaus is dedicated to improving the built environment through innovation, environmental sensitivity, and the pursuit of enduring beauty.


LABhaus was conceived as a design laboratory, dedicated to innovating unique technological and design solutions to enrich our clients. Since its inception, LABhaus has developed unique construction typologies which take advantage of the latest innovations in material development, energy efficiency, and advanced construction techniques. Beyond the pyshical structure itself, we work with a growing team of engineering, environmental, real estate, and professional collaborators to make the best use of client resources and create unique opportunities in the a highly competitive marketplace. We bring the unique toolset developed through years of experience to every project and believe that each new challenge is an opportunity to move our process forward for our clients.


We believe that the built environment is strongest as an extension of the natural environment. This starts with site-specific design drawing upon natural light, views, and landscape. We are fortunate to work in spectacularly dramatic settings, ranging from expansive penthouses on Central Park in New York City to waterfront estate parcels in The Hamptons. We strive to generate thoughtful site strategies which fully capitalize on the unique beauty of our sites for our clients through native landscaping, sun studies, curating views, and acoustic design. Our dedication to environmental sensitivity also means reducing energy consumption, utilizing organic, low-impact materials and techniques where possible, and selecting materials and systems which promote healthy interior spaces.

enduring beauty

We believe in resolved, timeless design rooted in durability, adaptability, and thoughtful editing. LABhaus design starts with a dedication to creating to functional spaces which take the full life-cycle the space into account and anticipate the evolving requirements of its current and future inhabitants. We place a premium on durable materials, hardware, and assembly techniques which required reduced maintenance requirements, allow for future modification, and eschew fleeting trends. Our obsession with harmonious, organic finish pallets. drives us to custom manufacture uniquely beautiful mill-work, tile, and exterior finishes which start with natural and classical materials in order to create a harmonious, organic environment which will provide decades of pleasure for our clients.